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2021 Autumn News from Communigrow

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Summer Newsletter

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Autumn Newsletter 2020

Blog Posts


Meet the team – Amy – December 2021

Amy Simon Meet The Team – An interview with Amy Simon, one of the most kind and generous volunteers we have at Communigrow. “Volunteering with Communigrow has absolutely reinforced my


Meet the team – Claudia – September 2021

Claudia Hebblewhite Meet The Team – An interview with Claudia Hebblewhite, one of our most versatile volunteers. “Whether you are thinking about volunteering in the field or volunteering remotely, Communigrow


Meet the team – Lauren – July 2021

Lauren Parker Meet The Team – An interview with Lauren Parker, one of our committed volunteers. “One of the favourite things I have learnt through volunteering with Communigrow is the


Meet the team – Charley – May 2021

Charley Pope Meet The Team – An interview with Charley Pope, one of our talented volunteers. “Having the opportunity to help at the field as well as create Communigrow’s recipes,


Volunteer Post by Charley – 15th March

Charley Pope The past few Mondays have been all go in the seed sowing department. From preparing the beds to the actual seed sowing. A few weeks ago now we started


Meet the team – Clair – March 2021

Clair Evans Meet The Team – An interview with Clair Evans, one of our brilliant growers here at the Communigrow field. “There is definitely no typical day! From raking stones


Giving discarded materials an inspiring second life

Julia Czernik Giving discarded materials an inspiring second life – Written by Julia C. with inputs from Maria, Clair and David. At Communigrow, we care about land and nature conservation,


Meet the team – Julia – February 2021

Euan Philipps Meet The Team – An interview with Julia Czernik, one of our hard working volunteers and the new addition to the team by Euan Philipps. “Things are more


Volunteer post by Charley – 22nd January

Charley Pope Upon visiting the Communigrow field for the first time the first thing that struck me was what a beautiful spot it was. David, our Horticultural Leader, said to


Past Events

Communigrow Autumn Food Festival 2019


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