Flower (fiddleneck) with bee

Communigrow provides space to learn about sustainable food growing.

We use chemical free methods, no dig and companion planting.

Our toilets are compostable, we harvest rainwater and our office runs on solar power!

For people that have access to their own green spaces at home, our goal is to encourage them to grow some of their own food. For those that don’t, we provide access to green space and a chance to be involved in food production.

We grow all sorts of things all throughout the year, both outside and in our various polytunnels such as pak choi, tomatoes, fennel, potatoes, squashes, brassica the list is endless!

Mixed squash crop

Climate change is impacting horticulture. We are adapting with rainwater capture, solar panels and solar powered machinery. Successful changes also include the use of windbreak hedges, mulching, composting. We are experimenting with drought resistant crops and we are providing havens for natural predators and pollinators.

We were proud to achieve the Wilder Kent Silver Award in 2020 for our positive actions to create a more climate-resilient county and provide a home for wildlife.

Our Journey to Carbon Zero

Communigrow took part in the Low Carbon Kent, Growing Green pilot. With support and funding from this programme we have made huge progress towards our net zero goal. 

We have now been selected for Green Business Grant funding from TMBC to further reduce our carbon footprint with the purchase of more solar panels.

Solar panels on cabin