Our Trustees ensure we have a clear strategy, that our work and goals are in line with our vision, that all our assets are safeguarded and that we can grow our team and the people we support in a sustainable way.

Alan Piper - Trustee
ALan Piper

A former trade union official, Alan has been able to bring to Communigrow his organising ability which is particularly helpful in finding useful resources. He has helped to put health and safety procedures in place.

Anthony Blackman - Trustee
Anthony Blackman

Anthony’s professional background is as an optician, at which he still practices part-time. He also runs his own training company. Anthony currently sits on the board for Kent Association for the Blind, Vision Care for Homeless People, an is an elected Council Member for the British Contact Lens Association.

Caroline Pearce - Trustee
Caroline Pearce – ChairPerson

Caroline was a solicitor and Director of Training at a London law firm before retirement and has held a life-long interest in horticulture. Her experience in legal matters, education and in the not-for-profit sector – and her knowledge of horticulture – means that she brings a range of diverse skills and experience to Communigrow.

David Field - Trustee
David field

David built several consultancy businesses in the City advising global investment banks on their operations and technology infrastructure – a world away from Communigrow!  He was managing director of several enterprises including his own business.  His focus at Communigrow is mainly business strategy, operational management and income generation. 

martin long – finance trustee

A Chartered Accountant of 40 years standing, working in a variety of industries, Martin was delighted with the position of Finance Trustee at Communigrow, which gives him the opportunity to use his skills in a local worthwhile cause which, as an avid gardener, immediately grabbed his attention. 

Annual report 2022

Our Annual Report is available to read here. We are extremely proud of the work the charity accomplished in 2022 and we look forward to reporting on our current year very soon.