Success Stories

Bea’s Story

Reducing anxiety and improving confidence

“To find somewhere like this which was so inclusive and understanding was incredible. The difference attending the summer sessions made to my daughter’s life was immeasurable. She became happier, less isolated, less anxious and more confident.”

Bea’s Mum
Max’s Story

Joining in @ Little Growers after-school club

Max* (7 y/o), a Little Growers member, is under assessment for ADHD and ASD. His mother shared that he finds attending school difficult, but loves going to the gardening club on a Tuesday.

“The club provides a relaxed environment where Max knows exactly what is expected of him, is able to relax, listen and process instructions. Max feels listened to and will ask questions and make suggestions which he would not do in class.”

Max’s School
Emma’s Story

Developing skills and confidence

Emma* (16 y/o) attends with her SEND school. She is autistic with complex physical and learning needs. Emma was initially reluctant to engage and required physical support moving around the field. We agreed on a plan to help her develop her physical skills and confidence. For example, Emma was encouraged to hold the handles of a wheelbarrow with support to lift and move it. Gradually she was able to take the weight alone and, with lots of encouragement, began to really enjoy the task. Since then Emma has required minimal physical assistance at Communigrow. Her communication skills developed with this confidence and we saw her joining in with a loud speaker during a recent fundraising challenge.

 “Communigrow has certainly been a catalyst in Emma’s recent improvement at school. It’s fantastic to see her enjoying herself and working as part of the class.”

Emma’s School
Judy’s Story

Wellbeing – Gardening to Feel Great

“Wellness Wednesday is such a lovely group of kind, supportive people, with a caring, creative leader. It has given me two hours every week where my mind is able to just switch off. I enjoy the different activities, I contribute my ideas, I’ve learnt so much & feel included in the development of Communigrow. We always make time for each other & are very considerate of each person’s needs, we have cuppa & cake …most of all we chat, laugh & get to know people & make new friends.”