Volunteer Post by Chloe – 12th September

Chloe Wing

Every time I have visited the field the sun is always shining – I am starting to think the sun only shines on the Communigrow field! Although, I am fully aware that winter is around the corner and under no illusion that it’ll last.

Nonetheless, the volunteers have started to prepare for the colder weather and keep the Communigrow field overflowing with produce.

Today, we only had a handful of volunteers in (even a new face which is lovely to see!), so decided to focus on capturing the work of the volunteers.


As you can see, everyone is extremely passionate to maintain the Communigrow field and love what they do!

After a couple of months of volunteering, I have experienced first-hand that Communigrow improves your wellbeing and provides an opportunity to meet people. Also, after a long week at work, there is nothing better than spending a couple of hours amongst nature especially at the start of the weekend.

-Chloe (Social Media Volunteer)