Work Experience by Pauline – 26th August



After joining the Communigrow Team on 23 June 2020 for 8 weeks, I was very apprehensive as this was the first time I had ventured out during Covid-19. Every day was a sunny one (apart from one day!) and I really looked forward to going to the field as this was all I was doing at this strange time.

I was shown how to plant and grow every possible vegetable. I never believed there were so many! The many tools used fascinated me as well, from the Pitcher to the Potato Planter and my favourite the Onion Hoe. Wigwams were made for the runner beans and the onions were put in a ventilated shed to dry out. I was taught how to make tunnels for the Brussels and took part in a soil test.

I really enjoyed making up the Veg Boxes which the public bought – the amazing colours of all the veg said it all, and so fresh.


A massive thank you to all the Team who included me in every aspect, and shared their knowledge. I certainly feel more equipped now for carrying on the next 2 years of my Commercial Horticulture Degree. I shall miss you all but will keep in touch. I would encourage anyone out there to Volunteer, as I have learnt so much and this was an experience I will never forget.