Volunteer post by Chloe – 15th July

Chloe Wing

On Wednesday 15th July, I took the opportunity to visit the Communigrow field after becoming a volunteer working with the social media team. With the sun beaming, I set off to the field not sure what the day would offer. Shortly after arriving, David took me on a tour around the field which allowed me to take in the beautiful location and get an idea of what Communigrow has to offer. The field exceeded my expectations and I especially enjoyed learning about the variety of vegetables – I could not believe the size of the onions! 


My first task of the day consisted of filming a short video with Naomi for Kent Wildlife Trust as Communigrow had recently been awarded with the Wilder Kent Silver Award. I therefore, had a second chance to wander around and take in the sights around me, whilst taking photographs and filming short clips. As a keen photographer, I immediately became inspired by the vibrancy of colours that the field had to offer. From the sunflowers to the vegetables, I was delighted to see many bees, butterflies, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. My favourite photograph from my visit was a bee pollinating in a sunflower, and I have already set myself a challenge to capture one of the butterflies that roam amongst the flower beds on my next visit. Or perhaps if I am lucky enough, I might get to meet the wren nestling in one of the polytunnels! After an hour of exploring, I had truly settled into my role and was ready to film David’s training session on semi-ripe herb cuttings. The training session was lovely to witness, as volunteers got stuck in and I personally, enjoyed expanding my horticultural knowledge too. 


One thing that stood out at Communigrow, was how lovely and welcoming all of the volunteers were. I really appreciated this, and it allowed me to quickly settle into my role of filming content for the social media platforms. Although I did not get the chance to get my hands dirty, I am definitely looking forward to getting more involved with the field work on my next visit. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the sun was shining which was an extra bonus.